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Hip Dysplasia Courses

"Your 'Sanity-Saving' Track To Getting Started With Hip Dysplasia"

Do you feel devastated or overwhelmed by the hip dysplasia diagnosis?  This course is chock full of “Must-Know” Info to help you feel better and to empower you toward your next steps of the HD journey.

Ready to turn those “devastation tears into happy tears?” ❤️

Happ at home Hip Dysplasia Course Image

"Happy At Home" Hip Dysplasia Course

Would you like your dog to feel his or her best at home?  This course is all about setting up your dog’s home for maximal comfort and safety.  Discover new things that can make a massive difference for your dog 24/7.

Your home is the first step toward a great home program! 🐾

"Choose Your Path" To Hip Dysplasia Success Course

Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, or nervous about making the best choice for your dog’s treatment?  Are you asking if surgery is really needed or not?   And, can my dog do well without surgery?

Discover What Treatment Path Is Right For YOU and YOUR dog! ❤️

THRIVE with Hip Dysplasia Membership



(Shhh…many people don’t want you to know this, but most of the dogs with hip dysplasia do NOT need surgery either.)

THRIVE with Hip Dysplasia Membership image

For way less than the cost of ONE rehab session, you can become part of something AMAZING!!  

All too often, dog parents are not taught exactly what to do at home with their dogs, how much, how often, which types of exercises to do, which ones to avoid, how to recognize pain signs, how to avoid flare ups, what else to watch out for, how to advance your own dog’s home program with confidence… 

But sadly, many rehab facilities need you coming back indefinitely and depending on them and their gadgets and they make them seem absolutely essential to your dog’s success.

But what if I told you that's not true and that indeed, there IS a BETTER way?


Can you imagine feeling THIS empowered?

 …with all of this important knowledge that allows you to give your dog their BEST life and to kick hip dysplasia’s butt…while avoiding surgery, cutting back or completely eliminating costly pain meds, and saving you LOTS of time and money and even heartache?

Well, that’s what the “THRIVE with Hip Dysplasia” Membership is all about.

Click below to get more details!

Virtual Consultations


I am currently working one-on-one with dog parents who have dogs with hip dysplasia.  We do a very thorough physical therapy evaluation and then I teach you the daily home program that is best suited to your own dog’s unique needs as well as your lifestyle.  This includes training on exercise, massage, stretching, and more.

There are also opportunities for help with torn cruciates for pre-TPLO surgery preparation and an 8 week post-TPLO program, upon request.

Simply click the button to fill out the contact form to inquire about what we could do for you and your dog!

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