Your 'Sanity-Saving' Track To Getting Started With Hip Dysplasia

Your Sanity-Saving Track To Getting Started With Hip Dysplasia course

This course is chock full of must-know information for hip dysplasia dog parents!

Join the many other dog parents who have said that this course has turned their “devastation tears into happy tears!” ❤️

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~ Your Own Student Portal:  You get access to your own student portal, which has the video lessons neatly organized for you.  

One Time Fee of only $20.

~ Lessons:  10 short video lessons, quick to watch, but full of important information to help you with your dog!

~ Ease Your Mind: It can be tough to absorb this diagnosis and the worries, but this course really does turn “devastation tears to happy tears!”  So, get ready to feel much better!!

~ HD Must-Know Info:  Take comfort in knowing that you will learn the most important things you need to know about hip dysplasia, which can make a huge impact on your decisions moving forward!

~ Convenient:  All of the lessons are contained within your own private student portal, and available to you as soon as you join. No waiting. You get to go at your own pace and get the info you need to help your dog right NOW! 

Only $20!

Who Is Julie McKinney and Why Should You Trust Her?

Julie is the leading expert in treating canine hip dysplasia with “conservative management” (aka – no surgery). She has a license in physical therapy, and has dedicated her career to dogs for 25 years.

She was the 2nd physical therapist in the United States to be hired by a veterinary school back in 2001. Julie worked with both inpatients and outpatients (99% dogs) at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine for 8 years.

Julie later worked as the physical therapist at the University of Tennessee veterinary school, as well.

The entire time, she has also owned her own private practice, working very closely with dog parents for every type of canine orthopedic and neurological condition.

And since 2015, Julie has worked virtually with clients all around the globe to help dogs live their best lives!

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Your Sanity-Saving Track To Getting Started With Hip Dysplasia course
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