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Hip Dysplasia Dog Parents:

Where Are YOU And YOUR Dog On The Way To Hip Dysplasia Success?

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The Nuts and Bolts of
Hip Dysplasia 

Must-Know Information For All Dog Parents… To Ease Your Mind And Empower You!

Detecting Subtle Signs Of Pain Long Before Your Dog Will Tell You

And How This May Drastically
Improve Your Dog’s Life 

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The 7 Injury Prevention Tips For Your Dogs

With Simple Solutions That Will Make You Feel Empowered and Confident

Hi, I'm Julie!

I help dogs with HIP DYSPLASIA avoid surgery, get strong, feel great, and live long, happy lives, by educating and empowering dog parents around the globe via virtual consulting, online courses, and a membership program.

Services For You By Canine Rehab Hub

Check out our courses, membership, and one-on-one virtual consultations for you and your dog!

Dogs often hide pain and it is possible to discover your dog's subtle signs of pain long before your dog will ever
tell you...

What Dog Parents Are Saying…

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Opportunities For You...

Check out some of our current and upcoming courses AND our Facebook groups for conservative management hip dysplasia support and surgical support below.

Available Courses...

Courses for Dog Parents About Hip Dysplasia

You can read more about “Your ‘Sanity-Saving’ Track To Getting Started With Hip Dysplasia” and “Happy At Home Hip Dysplasia Course” by clicking the button below.

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Facebook Groups by Canine Rehab Hub

Are You Interested In Conservative Management For Your Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

I LOVE conservative management and avoiding surgery altogether for the VAST majority of hip dysplasia dogs!

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Are You Exploring Surgical Options For Your Dog With Hip Dysplasia?

It’s not my preference in most cases, but I’m more than happy to support you in making the right choice for YOU and YOUR dog!

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